Is P.Diddy a bad father for buying a Maybach for his 16 yr old son’s birthday gift and having children out of wedlock?

Fashion/Music/J.lo’s ex, P.Diddy, (Sean Combs) recently came under fire in an interview with Martin Bashir for Nightline. Diddy’s been out stomping for his new movie, Get Him To the Greek, and he did a sit down with Bashir which I have not seen; but I’ve been reading a bit of press about the interview and it appears […]

Political divorce in Japan: U.S. Marine base in Okinawa good for Washington but bad for Okinawans

What are the ramifications of the mini political shake up in Tokyo following the decision by Japanese prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to leave the U.S. base in a less crowded part of Okinawa, after making campaign promises to remove said base? Well, in short, it has resulted in a divorce. A small party headed by […]