My Thoughts On Common Law Marriage – Bulldog Divorce

Reality check – life in the 21st century looks nothing like life did during the 1950s.  The ‘Leave It To Beaver’ paradigm family structure is a relic of the past and today our relationship decisions are governed not by what is ‘ideal’, but what is ‘practical’ and ‘convenient’  Maybe it’s time for law makers to […]

Who is to blame for the rise in divorce cases across the globe? Men? Courts? Salma Hayek? Attorneys?

Salma Hayek? What could be more glamorous than an April post-nuptial masked ball in Venice to celebrate a Valentine’s Day wedding between a Movie Star Actress and her Parisian billionaire husband? That is what Paris-based Salma Hayek and her new hubby did this weekend while I was watching lovers float by in their boats on the lake […]