My Thoughts On Common Law Marriage – Bulldog Divorce

Reality check – life in the 21st century looks nothing like life did during the 1950s.  The ‘Leave It To Beaver’ paradigm family structure is a relic of the past and today our relationship decisions are governed not by what is ‘ideal’, but what is ‘practical’ and ‘convenient’  Maybe it’s time for law makers to […]

GEORGIA: Attorney arrested for forging judge’s signature on adoption docs; prior reprimand for dating her client’s hubby while handling divorce case FOR BOTH!

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has arrested attorney Lynn Swank for forging a Fulton County Judge’s signature on adoption documents. The woman was hired by Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of Atlanta to handle the case and she basically lost her mind and decided to forge a judge’s signature. […]

MASSACHUSETTS: Attorney misrepresents her assets in contested divorce and gets suspended from the bar

Lying lawyers better watch out. The Massachusetts courts are not going to allow you to prevaricate at your heart’s content without consequences. To wit, the story of Kathleen Kilkenny, a Mass lawyer who was involved in a contested divorce action. So she basically lies under oath about her income stating she made about $50K when […]

Should you divorce without an attorney?

Should you divorce without an attorney? Not before your read this article in Pschology Today. I personally think that sometimes, it may be the best thing you can do for yourself and your kids. Keep the lawyers out of it. And I’m not being tongue in cheek. Image credit.