JERUSALEM: 14 year old Israeli divorcee consumated marriage with 17 year old boyfriend

A 14 year old Israeli girl was granted a divorce from her 17 year old boyfriend, even though the two were just skylarking when they got married in the first place. Says Reuters: It all began as a lark, in a schoolyard where a 17-year-old boy recently declared the girl his wife, reciting a Jewish […]

Sherm Stick use or addiction can lead to divorce

Weird Divorce News: The Sherm Stick divorce. Sherm Sticks as a term, and as a drug are new and trendy. What is a sherm stick? I googled the term and found that it meant “cigarettes dipped in PCP or formaldehyde.” That would sound like illegal drug use to me. If a spouse were to use […]

When the kids want you to get a divorce (or annulment)

Did you know that your kids can petition the court to annul your marriage? This would most likely happen when older kids from a previous marriage see a parent who is advancing in age, enter into an “inappropriate” marriage that is likely to compromise their inheritance, or otherwise dissipate family assets. Anna Nicole Smith comes to […]

How to divorce the Greencard marriage

The best way to handle this is by way of an annulment as opposed to a divorce. You can ask the court to annul the marriage due “concealment of a material fact” or “fraud.” The procedure would then be similar to any other annulment or divorce action. You would prepare the summons and complaint, serve […]