10 signs you are heading for divorce: How to tell if your husband or wife is about to ask for a divorce

10  signs you are heading for divorce: How to tell if your husband or wife is about to ask for a divorce

HOW TO TELL IF YOUR MARRIAGE IS HEADED FOR DIVORCE: Helpful divorce information and advice for someone whose marriage is in trouble What are the signs that you are headed for divorce?  There are probably many different nuances and signs and ways that are unique to each situation. But I think there are some universal things […]

IRAN: Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Mother of 2, convicted to death by stoning for adultery

IRAN Did Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani commit adultery? The Iranian government thinks so and they have sentenced her to death by stoning. This practice is particularly barbaric and could be an international human rights embarrassment for Iran. Says AOL: Under Sharia law in Iran, a woman’s death by stoning involves being buried up to the neck […]

Would an “adultery tax” shame cheating spouses into remaining faithful or divorcing prior to starting new relationships?

 In light of the $9 million payout for a North Carolina wife, Mrs. Shackelford, (sum certain for an alienation of affection lawsuit she won against her husband’s mistress Anne Lindquist) got me to thinking about this issue of monetary payouts for adultery and whether there should be an adultery tax. Frankly, I think the fact […]

CONNECTICUT: Steve Phillips divorce updates: Brooke Hundley used CRAIGSLIST to harass Marni Phillips, by guest

CRAIGSLIST The New York Post revealed this afternoon, the Steve Phillips’ consort Brooke Hundley hired a waitress on Craigslist and gave her talking points for a phone call the waitress would be paid $50 if she called Phillips’ wife Marni and squealed on the philandering Steve. Connecticut waitress Courtney Arp provided the email to the press […]

NEW YORK: ESPN analyst Steve Phillips gets hit with divorce petition after 22 year old mistress sends bitchy letter to wife

ESPN analyst Steve Phillips is scared for his life and the safety of his family according to published reports. And why? Because his 22 year old mistress, Brooke Hundley, is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore. In spite of her recent shenanigans, like contacting his teenaged son on facebook, Steve has declined […]

The Letterman sexgate files will not lead to sexual harassment charges or divorce

If Erin Geiger Smith is correct (and the Wall Street Journal too) Dave Letterman may not have to worry about anything with respect to his late night sexgate chronicles. http://www.businessinsider.com/will-most-sexual-harassment-claims-against-dave-time-barred-2009-10 Geiger Smith, who, I assume, is an attorney, opined on her blog that any and all sexual harassment claims that occurred prior to 2006, are barred by […]

NEW JERSEY: FDNY firefighter Michael Biserta caught in steamy text trysts with reality show siren Jamie Czerniawski – her hubby wants a divorce!

Divorce New Jersey style Gasp. Gasp again. Gasp one more time. This story makes me blush, my god. I can’t even discuss it. Just click on this link and read it for yourself. It’s off the charts. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/fire_stud_caught_in_wife_swap_split_JaX8Uhp4HfvUJbj419asSM

George David: Yes, I did have sex with that woman, Ms. Wendy Touton, I did not lie!

Attempting to impeach former UTC CEO George David who is ensconced in one of the priciest divorce cases Hartford Superior Court has ever seen, lawyers for the CEO’s soon to be ex wife, Countess Marie Douglas David, reached into George’s meticulously dry-cleaned Brioni pants. “Is it your testimony” asked Beslow “that during the deposition, you […]

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