Reprints and Permissions

Reprints and Permissions

Since 2006, Divorce Saloon has been one of the premiere voices in the online divorce & relationship media. Over the years, the brand has expanded to include a newspaper, dating site, store, attorney directory, classified section, and more than 25 categories relating to the subject of divorce. Divorce Saloon has become a one of a kind guide to all things divorce happening around the world.

Put Divorce Saloon’s unique and engaging journalism to work for your brand by using the products offered by the Divorce Saloon Reprints and Permissions department:

1. Custom Reprints
High quality, customized, digital reprints of Divorce Saloon International articles in high resolution PDF format that are of particular interest to your law firm, website, company or organization can be implemented in your promotional and marketing plans and can be the  perfect complement to your in-house marketing initiatives and that can be posted directly on your company’s website or intranet.

2. Licensing/Republishing content in print

Republish Divorce Saloon content in books, newsletters, or other publications for editorial and commercial uses.

3. Photocopying

To request permission to photocopy a Divorce Saloon article for classroom use, course packs, business or general use email:
4. Photographs

If you are looking to request use of a photograph, please contact the photographers or their agents directly to obtain permission.

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