SAN FRANCISCO: Jacqueline Getty and Gordon Peter Getty Jr. to divorce – she wants $300k per month alimony

[GSMITHBOOK] According to TMZ, billionaire grandson of J. Paul Getty, Gordon Peter Getty, Jr.and his wife, Jacqueline, are poised to have a nuclear divorce. The Getty’s have been married about a decade. It is unclear at this time if there is a prenup (I am certain there is) but Jacqueline has filed court papers indicating […]

USA: Why are more and more men suing for alimony?

 In January, the Pew Research Center did a study called, “The New Economics of marriage – the Rise of Wives” and that single study might explain why more men are suing for alimony these days. It seems a larger share of women than in, say, 1970, are marrying down. What that means is that more […]

CONNECTICUT: Walter Forbes, imprisoned former Cendant Corp. chairman ordered to pay wife $1 in alimony

Associated Press. They were married 27 years and they divorced in January. But the courts in Bridgeport Connecticut have ordered Walter Forbes, former Chairman of Cendant Corp. to pay his wife Caren Forbes only $1 in alimony. Walter is currently serving a 12 year sentence for what is described as “one of the biggest accounting […]

How to get life long alimony (now called maintenance)

You know how Debbie Metanopoulos’ husband accused her of “living beyond their means” during the marriage? That is not the way to convince a court to award you life long alimony or manimony. (See our manimony posts here: And forgive me in advance for any gender bias I displayed.) In Gann v. Gann, the […]

UNITED KINGDOM: tycoon Scot Young accused of faking the crazies to avoid paying alimony

Multi-millionaire Scot Young is in the infirmary for the mentally unwell, in London. He apparently invoked the Mental Health Act and checked himself into the hospital after the High Court of London ordered him to produce an accounting of his 400 million pound fortune which he claims “disappeared” right as soon as his wife filed […]

MASSACHUSETTS DIVORCE: Is it true that 2nd wives in MASSACHUSETTS have to help their husbands pay the 1st wife alimony?

I just saw an interesting blog post on this blog: about how all these 2nd wives in Massachusetts end up being forced to help their husbands pay his first wife alimony. Apparently, the laws in Massachusetts are so arcane and draconian (Yes, I know. I am on hiatus. sorry. this is the last post today. aaaaaaah! This […]

With Bernie Madoff forced into bankruptcy what will Ruth do to get her “alimony”

Now that the judge has ordered that Bernie’s investors/creditors can force him into bankruptcy, it looks like Ruth’s options have gotten more streamlined. She definitely will have to get in line behind creditors, not only with respect to business assets, but also personal assets as well. I mean, she would be entitled to some “exemptions.” Even […]

Countess Marie claims she helped her husband’s career by giving him advice; should she get more alimony?

What were Countess Marie Douglas David’s contributions to her spouse George David and should these earn her increased maintenance/alimony? Connecticut, like New York, is an equitable distribution state. That means the the court is obligated to see that the equities of the parties are balanced in a divorce action. One of the things the court must consider […]