Media Kit


 DS is a full service platform which features, among other things, commentary, analysis, book reviews, divorce quizzes and videos. Our core demographic comprise divorce attorneys and divorce experts as well as divorcing men and women.

Divorce Saloon is a place for global minded divorce lawyers, divorce experts and their divorcing clients. The company was initially launched as a divorce blog in 2006, and has evolved into “relationships” company with a network that includes, among other things, a newspaper, dating site, museum and themed divorce store. The first of its kind, the company is a global, divorce advice, news, information and family/divorce law hub – “a portal for all things divorce across the globe.”


 Marion TD  Lewis, Esq. Our chief counsel and founder, Marion TD Lewis is an  international business woman who works with global-minded lawyers and business professionals in various capacities. Ms Lewis also acts as our Media Consultant and PR Representative who manages and overseas the company’s media footprint from her home in Paris, France.  Any requests for interviews, profiles and appearances whether print, TV, Radio or Internet should be directed to her attention at


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