How to get your married lover to divorce his wife Ms. Astrid Buffet and Ms. Andrea Stoelker

Divorce Information:  Married men usually don’t leave their wives for their paramours. Look at Astrid Buffet. Even though Warren Buffet and his wife Susan Buffet had been separated for YEARS, and he was “with” Astrid for decades, Warren never divorced Susan and only married Astrid after Susan passed away. So the takeway from Astrid’s point of view is: You […]

What if the SEC found out that Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway was a ponzi scheme? Would his wife Astrid stand by him? Or would she ask for a divorce?

Yes, I know Warren Buffet, billionaire extraordinaire and the Oracle of Omaha, would never run a ponzi scheme and I know if he ever read this post he might be slightly offended. But I am only asking it from a rhetorical standpoint. Because, obviously, for any number of reasons (not the least of which is that it would […]

DIVORCE UPDATES: Raj Rajaratnam, Warren Buffet, Rajat Gupta, Goldman Sachs, SEC

DIVORCE UPDATES – RAJ, RAJAT, WARREN, GOLDMAN, SEC: Well, so far, Raj Rajaratnam is NOT getting divorced from Asha Pabla. That marriage is intact even though the government’s probe of Raj’s insider trading case is widening to include Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway (Warren is still happily married to Astrid, btw), Goldman Sachs and Goldman director […]