English for Lawyers

Former New York City Divorce Attorney and curator of Divorce Saloon, Marion TD Lewis, provides English training for international divorce lawyers, solicitors and avocats. International divorce, i.e, divorce involving transnational parties has become commonplace in a globally integrated world. Increasingly, lawyers around the world find themselves having to counsel people who are domiciled in their countries but who may not be thoroughly versed in the local language. That is why international lawyers are increasingly seeking language training in the international lingua franca which happens to be English. International divorce lawyers, solicitors and avocats who would like to improve their level of legal English should consult our Partner site English Language Global Consulting here. At the direction of Marion TD Lewis, English Language Global Consulting (ELG Consulting in Paris) provides Legal English training to suit each individual lawyer and therefore please make your specific requirements known and we will provide you with our proposal. You can also reach English Language Global’s training portal at contact@englishlanguageglobal.com.

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