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Divorce professionals are not educated to be innovative. The majority of the divorce professionals are legally educated like lawyers. Law is built on old practices, resistance to change, which when it happens, often takes years. Concepts like market innovation, efficiency or customer satisfaction, are not exactly part of the legal education-, which is strange for a service driven industry, if you ask me.

Divorce Lawyers are not educated to be innovative

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This comment is excerpted from an article by Jim Halfens for Huffington Post: The Divorce Industry Desperately Needs to Change. Do you think that your legal education left you ill equipped to be “innovative” in how you approach your work as a divorce lawyer?

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Ideally, you should interview a few lawyers before you select the one you will work with. It is not a good idea to just take th e first lawyer you speak to just because you may feel desperate or eager to get the divorce over and done with. A good rule of thumb is three lawyers … Continue reading “How many divorce lawyers should you interview before hiring?”

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Do Divorce Lawyers Need to Do a Better Job of Getting Back to Clients?

Apparently the #1 complaint that clients have about their divorce lawyer is not the exorbitant fees but in fact the slow return of phone calls, text messages and other contact attempts. I am not sure if this is a fair characterization. But if this is the number one complaint, there probably is something to it. How … Continue reading “Do Divorce Lawyers Need to Do a Better Job of Getting Back to Clients?”

Hey Divorce lawyers! Need more business? Throw a party for your past clients!

So I was reading Family Law Magazine and there was this one article about marketing for Family lawyers. One of the tips was for lawyers to throw a party for former clients to show appreciation for their business and to make it kid friendly if possible so the clients could bring their kids. So you … Continue reading “Hey Divorce lawyers! Need more business? Throw a party for your past clients!”

Is the Suicide Rate Among Divorce Lawyers Cause for Concern?

This is a very delicate subject and I don’t know enough about it to discuss it with any degree of authority. But apparently, the suicide rate among lawyers has been mounting in recent years. The studies have not isolated lawyers by area of practice, only lawyers as a profession compared to other professions like the … Continue reading “Is the Suicide Rate Among Divorce Lawyers Cause for Concern?”

Are Divorce Clients/Consumers Getting Too Demanding for Divorce Lawyers to handle?

Are you a divorce lawyer who has been practicing for at least ten years? If so, we would like to hear from you in answer to this question: Are divorce clients/consumers getting too demanding for divorce lawyers to handle? The reason we ask this is that we have noticed a trend not just in the … Continue reading “Are Divorce Clients/Consumers Getting Too Demanding for Divorce Lawyers to handle?”

Do Divorce Lawyers Need to Be More “Empathetic”?

What a concept! The empathetic divorce lawyer. Is this an oxymoron? I don’t think so necessarily. I think that if a lawyer is even specializing in Divorce and Family Law in the first place, he or she must have at least one “sensitivity chip.” Because this stuff is not easy on the emotions, nerve endings … Continue reading “Do Divorce Lawyers Need to Be More “Empathetic”?”

Divorce Lawyers face two competing challenges: make money vs help their clients to save money

Divorce lawyers the world over have a bad reputation for being exploitative of their clients’ vulnerable state of life and mind. That is to say that, with few exceptions, people see divorce lawyers as greedy sharks who charge usurious fees and who prolong rather than settle divorce cases in order to hit their clients with exorbitant … Continue reading “Divorce Lawyers face two competing challenges: make money vs help their clients to save money”

THE TITANS: 20 bad-ass New York City divorce lawyers (the 2014 list)

New York City Divorce lawyers are some of the most revered in the country. We consulted numerous sources, including but not limited to, Superlawyers, Martindale Hubbell, Avvo, New York Law Journal, New York Magazine, Forbes, Google +, American Bar Association and a few others, to comprise this list of 10 male and 10 female divorce attorneys in New York who are hard-hitting, effective, aggressive, experienced and feared by their peers. But at the same time, clients appreciate their ability to be “empathetic,” “client focused” “straight forward” and “there.”

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Latest Divorce Lawyer News

Wisconsin USA: Divorce lawyer Sarah H. Quirt Sann was gunned down by the angry husband of one of her clients, and died instantly according to news reports. March 24 2017.






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