Who gets custody of interracial child after a divorce/split up?

Who gets custody of interracial child after a divorce/split up?

Who gets custody of interracial child after a divorce? Custody of interracial child after divorce can still get a bit icky. Indeed, race/custody cases have even reached the Supreme Court of the United States of America. In Palmore v. Sidoti, for example, the Supreme Court was called upon to decide whether a 1985 Florida court decision that […]

Can marriage counseling save your marriage? Or do you just need a journal?

Marriage counseling may save your marriage; or better yet, get a journal I personally can’t really speak with any authority on the issue of  marriage “counseling” and “therapy.” I’ve never had either – whether marriage or otherwise. The way I handle all of the mammoth challenges and problems life unleashes is I journal like a mad […]

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Valentine GOOP is so sexy, it could save your marriage!

Gwyneth’s GOOP for a past Valentine’s Day could literally save your marriage! Oh la la. Have you seen this week’s GOOP recipes? I am one of those people who actually subscribes to GOOP cause I just love Gwyneth. I think she’s stylish, interesting, and ultra cosmopolitan. And, I mean, I don’t know what it says […]

Divorce-proof your marriage, Ms. Sasha Fierce

You can divorce-proof your marriage if you work it, girl I still don’t know what Beyonce is talking about with this “Sasha Fierce” alter ego she seems to have going on. I am sure she owns the trademark to this name and I shouldn’t probably use it without permission…  But I think I get the general idea […]

How to use the Kama Sutra to save your marriage

Divorce tips: Yes, it is possible to save your marriage by using the Kama Sutra The Karma Sutra says a lot of very hilarious things. But as Voltaire once said, “it is not enough to conquor. One must know how to seduce.” Hahhahahahaha 🙂 With that said, getting your husband to propose is definitely a big […]

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