Basketball Wives star Tami Roman admits that her children suffered the most after divorce from Kenny Anderson

Not all sports wives make out like Elin Woods and for some of them, the biggest casualties are their kids: Being married to a professional basketball player may have its perks, but the glitz wears off eventually. Just ask ‘Basketball Wives’ newest star, Tami Roman. She divorced NBA player Kenny Anderson after six years of […]

Frank and Jamie McCourt bifurcate their divorce proceedings – judge signed divorce papers but did not rule on prenup

Frank and Jamie McCourt are officially divorced as of today. But the financial proceedings are still on going and could take years according to the Los Angeles Times. What that means is that either could now re-marry if they wish. But the outstanding questions of who owns the Dodgers and whether the disputed post-nup is […]

Is Tiger Woods a post-divorce suicide risk?

Is Tiger Woods a post-divorce suicide risk?

I’ve debated doing this post because I don’t want to be cavalier or irresponsible about something like this. But I’ve been wondering about Tiger Woods and how he’s really doing post-divorce.  Yesterday out of the blue, he came out on Twitter thanking everyone for their love. Weird. Tiger never updates his Twitter account. He also […]

Want to heal from your divorce? Go to Aspen like Chris Evert!

Want to heal from your divorce? Go to Aspen like Chris Evert!

  Well, last time Brooke and Charlie Sheen were in Aspen, it wasn’t a very restful time. They both ended up in a legal brouhaha and allegations of alcohol and drug use and domestic violence reverberated through the international press. Not quite the same experience for celeb tennis star Chris Evert. People Magazine is reporting […]

LOS ANGELES: GREG NORMAN DIVORCE: FBI agent Peter Norell tried to shake down former Norman partner during divorce proceedings

GOLFER GREG NORMAN’S DIVORCE: The Associated Press is reporting that former FBI agent Peter Norell tried to bully a former partner of Greg Norman’s during Norman’s divorce proceedings. According to In 2006, Norell used an FBI phone to tell Takefman to “keep (his) mouth shut” and stay out of Norman’s “high-stakes (and entirely private) […]

Did alleged ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro give Shaq diamond handcuffs? Did this factor in Shaq’s divorce?

Dealbreaker had the most ludicrous post up this afternoon: Shaq Once Bench-Pressed Florida Grocery Arbitrageur, But Did Not Take His Diamond Handcuffs.  But it was titillating nonetheless. Because, while the post clearly posits that Shaq denies receiving diamond encrusted cuff links  handcuffs from alleged Miami-based ponzi impresario Nevin Shapiro, my sick little imagination wondered off […]

LOS ANGELES: Shaquille O’Neal’s ex Shaunie O’Neal to executive produce reality show “Basketball wives.”

Freshly minted divorcée Shaunie O’Neal (her ex soon to be ex is Cleveland Cavaliers center, Shaquille O’Neal) is not wasting any time nor squandering her divorce millions on plastic surgery. The girl has a good business head on her shoulders and that is exactly why she is executive producing a new show for VHI called […]