BILLIONAIRE DIVORCE ALERT: Alison Gelb Pincus v Mark Pincus (Prenup involved)

Silicon Valley Divorce News: Billionaire Marc Pincus Hit With Divorce Papers When Silicon Valley billionaires divorce, its like elephants fighting. Always a riveting spectacle. This time, it is Alison Gelb Pincus and her husband, billionaire Mark Pincus – an online game developer in San Francisco. Alison and Mark apparently have a prenup which she wants the […]

UK: Billionaire Sheikh Whalid Juffali Cannot Claim “Diplomatic Immunity” in Maintenance War

The ex Wife of Saudi Billionaire Sheikh Whalid Juffali, Christina Estrada, wins his challenge to her maintenance suit against him. The UK Courts decided that the billionaire, who claims some sort of diplomatic privilege based on his connection to the Caribbean island of St Lucia, can indeed be sued by his ex wife. It sparked […]

13 Reasons why billionaire Elon Musk probably sucks as a husband

Unlike most billionaires, Elon Musk can’t seem to stay married if his life depended on it. We have been debating this subject for some time as we try to enter into the industrialist’s mind to unveil what really makes him tick and his wives flee. These are some possible answers (at least these are some […]

Donald Sterling, billionaire Clippers owner, fights wife Shelly Sterling over team & family trust: Divorce imminent

Former divorce lawyer Donald Sterling, nee Donald Tokowitz, is a very interesting fella. The billionaire octogenarian owner of the Los Angeles Clippers – as well as a regular on the Forbes List of Billionaires (as well as real estate mogul) is in the battle of his life after he got himself into a major debacle when he invoked a bunch of racist polemics against Black people in general, and former NBA great Magic Johnson in particular back in April.

LONDON: Billionaire couple Jamie Cooper Hohn and Christopher Hohn fight out their divorce in London Family Court

LONDON: Divorce Capital of the World The UK Guardian reports that billionaire (but frugal) couple Jamie Cooper Hohn and her husband Christopher Hohn are duking it out in a London court. The couple who met at Harvard and who has four young children are Worth in excess of 1.4 billion dollars. Mr Hohn is said […]

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