New York Divorce: Who will get custody?

Divorce and Custody in New York: Who will get custody? In determining who will be awarded custody of under-age children, the court will look to what is in the child’s “best interest.” What does that mean? Well, it means different things to different people but basically, the questions asked are: who can provide for the […]


DIVORCE SALOON SPEAKS WITH FAMILY THERAPIST CARLETON KENDRICKS DIVORCE SALOON: As a leading family therapist have you found that divorced parents have a harder time keeping up the routine of eating together with their children?    CARLETON KENDRICK: In both my professional and personal experience, I have found that recently divorced parents have had more […]

Can I force my husband to pay for private school tuition?

Okay. The deal with private schools is that generally the courts do not order a parent to pay for private school unless you can show that the child’s needs, interests and preferences calls for a private school education. The Courts will also consider cost and whether a parent’s financial circumstances can accommodate these costs. The […]

Can I get child support while a divorce is pending?

Yes. The Law mandates it. And don’t let the lawyer for the noncustodial spouse try to tell you that the court has to follow the CSSA guidelines in granting you an award of child support. That is not true. The Court can deviate from the guidelines when a divorce is pending. There are 10 factors […]

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