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Are you part of a blended family?

Blended Families are the new norm in America and frankly all over the world. With divorce rates rising globally, blended families proliferate and the challenges that come from taking separate entities or families and blending them together in a harmonious way is what this section of this divorce blog is all about. Indeed, on several popular divorce blogs on the Internet the section BLENDED FAMILIES is one of the most populated with both articles and readers. On Twitter there is even a hashtag for blended families.

step kids ruining marriage

Step Kids Ruining Marriage. HELP!

(# Step Kids Ruining Marriage) What can you do when your stepkids are trying to destroy your marriage? In this post I will discuss (# Step...

Marrying the Sibling of Your Ex Spouse is Legal but is it Kosher?

Something is icky about this notion, I think. But maybe I am being too prudish, who knows?
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