MOSCOW: Natalia Potanina, billionaire oligarch’s ex wife, fights for her 50% share of his empire

BACKGROUND Natalia Potanina’s name sounds like she is a ballerina with the Bolshoi. Or at least a top ranked tennis player. But she is not. Instead, she is the former wife of one of Russia’s richest oligarchs and close friend of Russian president Vladimir Putin – Vladimir Potanin.  Ms Potanina and her husband Vladimir were […]

MONACO: Divorcing couple Maurice & Tracey Amon fight over art & jurisdiction

The Parties in this divorce action: They are Mr and Mrs Maurice Alain Amon. He is a Swiss born entrepreneur living in Monaco with homes in various countries including a chalet in Gstaad Switzerland and apartments in London and Manhattan. She is Tracey Hejailan. When Was the Divorce filed: The divorce was filed in October 2015 in […]

ZURICH: Saudi Businessman Sheikh Walid Juffali has died but ex wife Christina Estrada will still get her £75M

Ex supermodel and ex wife of Saudi billionaire Sheikh Walid Juffali, American born Christina Estrada will still get her £75M divorce settlement even though her husband had died of cancer in Zurich. But it could take a minute. According to the UK Guadian “High Court Family Division judge Mrs Justice Roberts had ordered Dr Juffali […]

UK: BREXIT – An Epic Divorce With Epic Consequences

Citizens of the UK have voted to exit the European Union. As a result, the proverbial merde has “hit the van.” And it is not just a question of the laws impacting divorce and family law cases. This divorce has infinite impact on infinite areas of infinite people’s lives. Trump says this is a “great […]

PANAMA: Were Your Client’s Financial Interests Compromised by Mossack Fonseca?

Since the unveiling of the PANAMA PAPERS, divorce lawyers around the world whose clients have accused their spouse of hiding assets in offshore dummy trusts and corporations, have been employing more aggressive strategies to protect their clients financial interests. This report offers new insights into the lengths very affluent spouses will go to hide assets […]

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