When is the best time to file for divorce?

When is the best time to file for divorce?

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO FILE FOR DIVORCE? IMHO I think the best time to file for divorce is between March and June. Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/o5com/4926065636/sizes/m/in/photostream/ Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010-2011

Joran Van der Sloot’s parents Paul and Anita Van Der Sloot were NOT divorced; so why did he become a murderous man?

Word from Peru is that accused woman killer Joran Van Der Sloot, born in the Netherlands, has confessed to murdering Peruvian student Stephany Flores Ramírez in his hotel room after he caught her rummaging through his laptop without his permission. He is still the main suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway who vanished without a […]

Divorce in the age of Marriage 2.0

“No fault” divorce is not a good thing. Not if you read the posts on this website http://weddedabyss.wordpress.com/. Sure, the author seems a bit bitter. Maybe he has been bitten and so now he’s completely disillusioned and jaded. But he does have a point when he includes the “no fault” nature of divorces in most […]

Let hubby be the CEO and you’ll avoid divorce – guaranteed!!!

Ivanka Kushner née Trump, is a woman who seems to intuitively understand the importance of letting her husband think he’s the CEO of the home. The operative word here, of course, is THINK. How do we know? Because she converted to Orthodox Judaism to marry him. And she takes his name except in professional circumstances when […]

On keeping your husband’s name after divorce

Why do some women keep their husband’s last name after they divorce him?  Is it because they are having fantasies of a reconciliation? Or is it because they think his last name is better than theirs? Or could it be that they want to have the same last name as their kids? Or maybe it’s […]

CONNECTICUT: Steve Phillips divorce updates: Brooke Hundley used CRAIGSLIST to harass Marni Phillips, by guest

CRAIGSLIST The New York Post revealed this afternoon, the Steve Phillips’ consort Brooke Hundley hired a waitress on Craigslist and gave her talking points for a phone call the waitress would be paid $50 if she called Phillips’ wife Marni and squealed on the philandering Steve. Connecticut waitress Courtney Arp provided the email to the press […]

Ann Landers divorce story hits stage

The glamorous Ann Landers/Eppie Lederer was a legendary American advice columinist who was married for over 30 years to  Budget Rent A Car mogul Jules Lederer and when they divorced in the 70’s, it was a big deal because she used to be so “anti-divorced” and she used to give all this advice on how […]