How to get a Jewish divorce: Deborah Madoff listen up!

Allow me this disclaimer: I am not Jewish and I don’t know anything whatsoever about Judaism and the procedures for Jewish marriages and divorces pursuant to rabbinical laws. This is not what this post is about. This post is about the New York state laws as they relate to when a Jewish person who was … Continue reading “How to get a Jewish divorce: Deborah Madoff listen up!”

How to divorce a politician

Boy oh boy. This is a special kind of animal right here – the political marriage. I have to say, of all the demographics of men out there, I don’t think I could handle being the wife of a politician. I just don’t have the right temperament, and much too low a threshold and tolerance … Continue reading “How to divorce a politician”

How to walk out of your marriage and feel no guilt

When Brad Pitt walked out on Jennifer Anniston and flew into the arms of Angelina Jolie, he probably experienced at least a little bit of guilt. That is because he fell for another woman while married to his ex, even though, by the looks of things, his ex is a perfectly nice, all American girl (and was his … Continue reading “How to walk out of your marriage and feel no guilt”

How to know if you’ve got the divorce blues

You may either be contemplating divorce, or are in the process of divorce, or may have recently been adjudicated divorce. Whatever your status, you are not feeling all that great emotionally. You feel a tremendous sense of loss. Or you are in denial. You can’t believe this is happening or has happened. Or, you may … Continue reading “How to know if you’ve got the divorce blues”

How to divorce a jerk

It’s not easy to circumnavigate marriage to a jerk and it certainly isn’t easy to circumnavigate divorce from a jerk. A jerk can be male or female. A jerk is someone who is unreasonable for no reason, nasty with no justification, disloyal, under-handed, two-faced, dishonest, indiscreet, manipulative, conniving, and boorish. These types (and their lawyers) … Continue reading “How to divorce a jerk”

How to attack a prenuptial agreement

  The Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, has been adopted in about 26 states including Connecticut and New Jersey (but not New York). However, the act basically set forths the conditions upon which even a New York premarital agreement may be attacked or set aside. So all those New York billionaires who have been getting divorced … Continue reading “How to attack a prenuptial agreement”

How to have a romantic divorce

  Now that I think about it, it is probably possible to have a romantic divorce. Brad and Jennifer did it without drama and jealousy. They took off to a tropical paradise in the Caribbean with their friends, and they showed off their respective bodies in sexy beach wear, and they ate well, then they … Continue reading “How to have a romantic divorce”

How to annul a marriage that was a mistake

Sometimes, you just straight up make a mistake. You meet someone and without getting to know them well, you jump into marriage. Or you may know someone for a really long time but not really know them, if you know what I mean, and the next thing you know you are living a big mistake. … Continue reading “How to annul a marriage that was a mistake”