How to pull off a facebook divorce

How do you pull off a face book divorce? Well first you have to live in a country or jurisdiction that recognizes this type of service as proper service in a divorce action. That rules out New York because in New York, the Domestic Relations Laws and the Civil Practice Rules and Laws sections 308, […]

How to divorce an abuser

You have to be careful when you divorce an abuser – particularly a physical abuser. The first thing you want to do before even serving the papers is to get an order of protection in place from either the family court or the criminal court. You want to be away from the vicinity of that […]

How to handle divorce anger

Divorce Information Many people feel a tremendous amount of anger during and after the divorce process. They may feel betrayed, blind-sided, alienated and wrongly accused. This is true for both men and women. In fact, I just did a post called the Divorced Dads and the disenfranchised father syndrome and the author of the piece […]

How to handle divorce guilt

Divorce Information A lot of people get divorce guilt. Guilt is something I understand because I am a guilt ridden individual. I mean, look at what I did yesterday. I decided to try out the divorce diet which my friend told me about and which I wrote about here (, knowing fully well that the […]

How to get a divorce without wrecking the kids

If it is true that the beautiful Tinsley Mortimer and her handsome hubby Topper are getting divorced (as disclosed on the New York Post Page Six), at least she doesn’t have to worry about the kids – because I’ve heard they didn’t have any. Presumably there were too many charity balls and philanthropic galas to fit […]

How to divorce the Greencard marriage

The best way to handle this is by way of an annulment as opposed to a divorce. You can ask the court to annul the marriage due “concealment of a material fact” or “fraud.” The procedure would then be similar to any other annulment or divorce action. You would prepare the summons and complaint, serve […]