Donald Trump v Ivana Trump 1991 Divorce, currently sealed, could be UNSEALED if NYT has its way

He[counsel for the New York Times] also makes additional arguments grounded in First Amendment jurisprudence. It is an absolutely devastating motion, withering for Mr Trump, although it is left to be seen how his lawyers rebut this and how the judge rules. Mr McCraw points out, and I think smartly so, that there very well may not be any smoking guns in the Trump court files but he makes the point that the public does have the right to know for sure what is in those files in order to make an informed decision about their next president.

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Women to Jobless Husbands: Hit the road, Jack! You have to have a J.O.B if you want to be with me

According to a recent study by the American Sociological Review, modern women want husbands who win bread. “The husband’s breadwinner norm persists” says the study. Lack of fulltime employment is directly correlated with higher divorce risk. And this is gender specific because women not having fulltime work is not correlated to higher divorce risk. So […]

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