Divorce Horoscopes Spring/Summer 2017 – DESIRE

By Kristen Weng for Divorce Saloon International Magazine: Le Saloon ARIES You desire nothing more than to obtain a strategic advantage in your divorce battle with your ex which isn’t even underway as yet. The problem is that what you are contemplating doing may be unethical at best and illegal at worse. Why not consider … Continue reading “Divorce Horoscopes Spring/Summer 2017 – DESIRE”

Post Divorce Valentine’s Day Horoscope Predictions 2017

This is a compilation of love quips, solutions and predictions based on your zodiac sign. It is meant to coincide with Valentine’s Day.   ARIES You will meet someone with serious potential in October this year. It is just a meeting. What happens next is completely up to you. He will be galant, and generous or … Continue reading “Post Divorce Valentine’s Day Horoscope Predictions 2017”

Divorce Horoscopes 2017

Capricorn For cappies getting divorced in 2017 they would do well to remember this quote “everything is going to be alright; maybe not now but eventually.” It may not be easy for impatient Capricorns who secretly believe they are entitled to the best life and the best marriages and the best everything, to adjust after … Continue reading “Divorce Horoscopes 2017”

Divorce Horoscopes 2014

Aquarius Recently, divorced aquarians just can’t seem to make up their minds. About anything. Do they or don’t they? Can they or should they? Will they or won’t they. Aquarius is confused and disillusioned. People think it is wishy washiness and capriciousness but really, it’s confusion. And unfortunately this will continue for all of 2014. … Continue reading “Divorce Horoscopes 2014”


DIVORCE SALOON DIVORCE HOROSCOPES 2013   CAPRICORN Divorced or divorcing Capricorns will experience extreme stress in 2013; that’s just a given. As if divorce is not sufficiently stressful there will be the added issues of money shortages, unexpected pregnancies and undesired long distance travel. Added to that, the ex is having a tough time with … Continue reading “DIVORCE HOROSCOPES 2013”

PLANETARIUM: May 2010 divorce saloon horoscopes

Aries: Your stubborn attitude is very bad for your marriage and for your family’s morale. Get off your high horse and try some flexibility before you ruin everything. Taurus: Emotional affairs are just as damaging as any other form of adultery. Notwithstanding the lies you keep feeding yourself, your behavior is inappropriate and potentially very … Continue reading “PLANETARIUM: May 2010 divorce saloon horoscopes”

NOVEMBER 2009 DIVORCE HOROSCOPES, by divorce saloon

ARIES: You may be getting divorced but your shaggaliciousness is off the charts at the moment for some weird reason. You are setting off all these sexy vibes at a time when most people would be too depressed to be sexy. You are giving off so many sexy vibes, in fact, that your spouse may change … Continue reading “NOVEMBER 2009 DIVORCE HOROSCOPES, by divorce saloon”