UK: The English Marriage (the English divorce?) by Maureen Waller

According to the UK Guardian’s Kathryn Hughes who reviewed The English Marriage by Maureen Waller: One thing soon becomes clear from Maureen Waller’s compilation of English marriages through the ages: throwing in your lot – not to mention your heart – with another human being is a risky business. Instead of the deep peace of […]

CHICAGO: The Good Karma Divorce by Judge Michele Lowrance

Has anyone read this book? I just saw online that she was on Good Morning America this morning reading an excerpt, and it seems to have gotten decent reviews. Here is an excerpt from the good divorce lawyer turned judge’s book: What did I want for this couple? I wanted them—a husband and wife who […]


Sagittarius (November 23 to December 22) Your divorce proceedings have been going badly. It looked like you would be the “loser” for a while now and that the judge and everybody has conspired against you. But wait. Something unexpected will happen in January 2010 that completely turns the tides in your favor. In the meantime, […]

NOVEMBER 2009 DIVORCE HOROSCOPES, by divorce saloon

ARIES: You may be getting divorced but your shaggaliciousness is off the charts at the moment for some weird reason. You are setting off all these sexy vibes at a time when most people would be too depressed to be sexy. You are giving off so many sexy vibes, in fact, that your spouse may change […]

BOOK REVIEW: What, if anything, does “Year of the Cock: The Remarkable True Account of a Married Man Who Left his Wife and Paid the Price” by TV producer Alan Wieder say about the state of marriage in this country?

Have you read Alan Wieder’s midlife crisis memoir, Year of the Cock? Me neither. But I just read Barbara Ellen’s review in the UK Observer and I’m not sure if it makes me want to go out and read the book, or if I should just vomit. Barbara observes Al on marriage: Here’s Al on […]

On plastic surgery and divorce a la Cate Blanchett

Originally published 12/30/09 I guess my big thing with the plastic surgery issue, as far as divorce goes, is, Cate Blanchett’s husband is selling her a tub of horse manure. No, I mean it. Cate was just interviewed in Vanity Fair Magazine and she asserts  “I haven’t done anything, but who knows. [My husband] Andrew […]

BOOK REVIEW: Happily Ever After Divorce by Jessica Bram

Jessica Bram, award winning radio commentator and essayist, has been featured in the New York Times and other noteworthy publications. She has written a new book about divorce. It is not the typical preachy how to book about divorce. It is a sweet memoir that simply tells one story. When I recently received a complimentary copy […]

8 divorce books for you

I was scouring through Borders tonight, looking for resource books on the subject of divorce. I found the following (and a few others for the kids which I will put in the kids section) that I wanted to share with you. I can’t say I’ve read any of them from cover to cover, but from […]

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