Tips and advice for buying the first home after a divorce

After divorce, one of the first things you often need to do if find a new home – if you were not awarded the marital residence in the settlement agreement. Sometimes, depending on your income bracket, you may be looking for a new time share or vacation home in addition to just a new post-split domestic domicile. Often times (but not always) you will be downsizing since not only the family unit is smaller but so too is the wallet size given that once there were two and now there is only one. So these can be very stressful undertakings and considerations. Here are some tips for maneuvering the situation without completely becoming undone in the process.

Tough real estate market leaves divorcing couples in New Jersey with tough choices and few options

  The pile up of homes in New Jersey that are “unsellable” continue to mushrooom. This is having a very serious effect on couples in the divorce process. Many are left with having to make tough choices, like: staying together and eschewing divorce even if the marriage is miserable; living under the same roof even […]

SPAIN: Free divorce pd for by real estate agent if you buy a house

Do you need more proof that the global economic slump has impacted even the divorce industry? Take a read at this article about what Spaniards are  offering couples to get divorced They are offering free divorce lawyers in exchange for home purchases. I am sure you’ve heard that a lot of people around the world, […]

On divorce & real estate: is the economic downturn making selling the marital residence a losing proposition?

Each winter, I try to make a couple of trips out to Bridgehampton via the Long Island Railroad. I find it incredibly beautiful and relaxing and usually tote a few magazines which I can read over the course of the two hour trip. But I hardly ever read because I am always so enamored with the winter […]