Why Do Cheaters Cheat? Is it a Fear of Total Commitment?

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY DO CHEATERS CHEAT? “Oh, don’t be silly darling, we are just friends!” Kebab Smokelet It seems we are living in a world where there is a culture of cheating that is increasingly accepted by the masses. Cheaters today are bolder, more shameless, and are increasingly gender neutral. That means both […]

What Factors Does the Court Consider in Awarding Alimony?

“The factors the court considers in awarding Alimony differs from state to state. For example, in Alabama, the state may consider whether a party cheated in determining alimony. But in Alaska the court may not be so inclined to consider that. It really depends. But most states’ statutes are pretty similar in terms of alimony […]

Are Infidelity and Adultery Synonymous?

Thus, any unfaithful act by an unmarried person is merely an act of “infidelity.” Even if this act is sexual in nature. However, the reverse is not true. Married person persons can commit both acts of infidelity as well acts of adultery. Indeed, one can consider that every act of adultery is also an act of infidelity but not every act of infidelity is an act of adultery.

Could One-Night Stands Be More Damaging to Marriage than Long Term Love Affairs?

For example, a one night stand could just be a “meaningless fling” to the person committing the deed, but what if it has more long lasting and far-reaching consequences such as the contraction of a disease or the creation of a child? It also depends on who the one night stand was with. I would imagine for some spouses, it doesn’t matter who it was with. The unfaithfulness and act of betrayal – even if it only happened once – is enough to destroy trust. But for others, this could be an extenuating circumstance.

Do Blonds Have a Higher Rate of Divorce Than Brunettes?

I was reading this article and I came away wondering whether hair color could be determinant for likelihood of divorce for some women. According to the author of the article, a poll was taken of 1000 men who expressed a preference for brunettes as wives by a rate of 54 percent to 16 percent. It […]

Do Divorce & Family Court Lawyers “generate conflict on purpose to exploit their clients’ money”?

A popular Connecticut blogger discussed an interesting topic the other day about how conflict divorces and family court cases in the state have skyrocketed in recent years and she blames the spike on corrupt lawyers and judges who keep the conflict between families going in order to exploit clients of their money. Are family lawyers […]

Is the Whole Concept of “Spousal Support” passé?

I read this story about David Mann, a British mining tycoon who went broke trying to support his wife and two daughters post divorce for over 15 years and I just wondered whether at some point, the divorce laws are enabling former spouses to under-achieve while at the same time to become almost parasitic against […]

How Does the Court Divide an Art Collection in a Divorce?

I do not imagine that the average court is faced with “dividing an art collection” in the average divorce situation. It is the rare one percent of divorces that involve art collections. Most people do not have money to purchase expensive works of art. But sometimes it happens. Sometimes the court must decide who gets […]

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