FLORIDA: Dan Markel Wendi Adelson updates: murdered FSU professor described his divorce from Wendi Adelson as “Pearl Harbor”

Above the Law, a popular NYC blog, had the following updates to the mysterious murder of FSU professor Dan Markel: Markel left behind two young sons and an ex-wife, Wendi Jill Adelson, also an FSU professor. Their divorce was acrimonious, punctuated by dozens of court dockets, hearings and a protracted custody battle over their two […]

Do American divorce lawyers have a legal duty to report tax cheats and tax dodgers?

a UK law, dating back to 2003 makes it a legal duty for divorce solicitors in the UK to report “suspicions” of tax dodging and tax cheating to the National Criminal Intelligence Service pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Act. This anti money laundering legislation “applied to the transfer of assets from a person to their ex spouse on divorce.” Do American divorce lawyers have a similar duty?

PERU: Nazira Maria Cross arrested for allegedly poisoning her American husband and burying him in Nevada

The Black Widow Is Nazira Maria Cross a “black widow”? She according to the New York Daily News was arrested in Peru ending a multi year manhunt by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Her crime? It is alleged that her husband divorced her after he found out that she had embezzled a lot of money from […]

BROOKLYN: “Divorce gangs” in Orthodox community a rising menace but is the Jewish divorce “get” extortion scheme a worldwide problem?

The recent arrest of a cadre of rabbis and other Jewish men who tried to muscle other Jewish men into giving their estranged wives a “get” raises some very disturbing questions including, how widespread is this practice? Is this unique to the New York Jewish community? Or is it found in other enclaves around the […]

Is your ex engaging in post-divorce cyber-bullying or other social networking crimes against you? Some divorce advice for you

IS YOUR EX ENGAGING IN POST-DIVORCE CYBERBULLYING? What can you do? Read on. Do you need help dealing with a cyberbulling ex? I was browsing a website for teens askthejudge.info and one post jumped out at me: the one about cyberbullying. The admin of the blog, who is a judge referenced a case of a […]

SWEDEN: Divorce Julian Assange, WikiLeaks hacker, is wanted for sex crimes

STOCKHOLM: Is WikiLeaks hacker and divorcé Julian Assange getting hounded and witch-hunted by the CIA in retaliation for leaking all those classified documents about the war in Afghanistan in his “Afghan War Diary” post on his website? That is what some folks are saying. Others demur that he’s just a divorcé sex offender who’s going to […]

ROME: Should Catholics divorce Pope Benedict XVI for his role in the church’s sex crimes coverup?

An increasingly non-practicing Catholic myself, I’ve become even more skeptical in light of the recent explosion of sexual misconduct allegations against Catholic priests the world over. What I was wholly unprepared for, though, was the seemingly close connection that current Pope Benedict XVI has to the whole sordid mess. It seems when he was arch bishop of […]

PARIS: French legislature moves to make psychological abuse in marriage a crime

According to Time Magazine, the French lawmakers have done something totally incomprehensible and noble at the same time. They are about to legislate that psychological assault/violence in marriage is a crime according to French Law and perpetrators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Aside from passing laws in 1996 and 2006 […]