Divorce & Technology: How Technology Affects Marriage and Divorce in America

Divorce & Technology: How Technology Affects Marriage and Divorce in America

Technology and marriage A recent article in the UK Guardian called technology the “marriage killer.” It is a strong critique. Do you agree? Does technology affect marriage? Is technology causing problems in your marriage? Are you getting divorced because of technological gadgets such as smartphones and computer games as well as platforms powered by technology such as social […]


Divorce In The Digital Age: Top 10 Tech Pitfalls by Sherri Donovan Posting photos on social media, like Facebook and Instagram, that will compromise your standing as a responsible parent. Photos that show you partying are a problem. Postings on social media are being used against parents in custody disputes and are permitted as evidence. […]

Should you demand a divorce if someone else’s “privates” ends up on your spouse’s cell phone?

Ahem.  Give me a second, I am giggling….omg…. I got this idea for this post because I was reading somewhere about an American TV show produced by Shonda Rimes called How To Get Away With Murder (Shonda seems to have created a lot of interesting top rated TV shows in America including one called Scandal […]

DIVORCE: Glamorized, digitalized, monetized, trivialized: Is Hollywood to blame?

UPDATED AUGUST 2014. Originally published November 20, 2010            IS HOLLYWOOD TO BLAME FOR THE GLAMORIZATION, DIGITALIZATION, MONETIZATION AND TRIVIALIZATION OF DIVORCE?     Filed in Celebrity divorce news: Is divorce glamorous? Or is it merely entertaining?  Arguably, divorce has become both glamorous and entertaining. Blame it on Tinsel Town, blame it […]

Do divorce lawyers really need to have a “mobile” website to stay competitive?

Avvo.com ran an interesting article the other day about mobile websites. Apparently most Americans now own smartphones and it is from their smartphone that they search the internet, not from their ipad or from a pc. That is passe, actually–searching the Internet from a pc or tablet. Most people (count me out) are very tech […]

Blackberry v. iPhone: does a difference in phone preference predispose couples to divorce?

Can a difference in phone preference cause a divorce? I wonder about this but I don’t really have any deep analysis I want to do. I just wanted to throw the question out there. Because it seems to me that people are very specific about their phones. Blackberry users tend to eschew the iPhone and […]

Is your ex engaging in post-divorce cyber-bullying or other social networking crimes against you? Some divorce advice for you

IS YOUR EX ENGAGING IN POST-DIVORCE CYBERBULLYING? What can you do? Read on. Do you need help dealing with a cyberbulling ex? I was browsing a website for teens askthejudge.info and one post jumped out at me: the one about cyberbullying. The admin of the blog, who is a judge referenced a case of a […]