SWEDEN/FRANCE/US: French and Swedish couples have a lower divorce rate than Americans. Why?

Could it be that Americans have a higher rate of divorce because Americans marry at a higher rate than folks in other countries? My opinion is that French, German and Swedish couples are more likely to live together and have domestic partnerships than get married these days – in direct contrast to American couples – and that […]

FRANCE: “Rachida Dati’s Baby” She did not consort with that man: French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Five days after giving birth by cesarean section to petite baby Zohra Dati, French justice minister and Nicolas Sarkozy prôtégée Rachida Dati is back to work. But not without a whole lot of speculation and controversy about the paternity of her child. Some people and institutions, even Page Six if I remember correctly, are insinuating that Ms. […]

CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: Earl Spencer’s ex-wife Victoria files for divorce from drug addicted husband

Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer’s first wife Victoria is filing for a divorce from her second husband Jonathan Aitken. Victoria, who lives in CapeTown South Africa with her kids, married her second husband Jonathan Aitken in 2002 a few years after an acrimonious split from Diana’s younger brother. At the time she married Aitken, Victoria is said […]

Is Katia Verber (the Paris Hilton of Russia) considering a greencard marriage in America?

Katia Verber is the talk of the international social set. She lives in Moscow where her parents, high end retail merchants Alla Verber and  Verber, shower her in riches befitting a pagan priestess/ goddess. Her cell phone is said to cost $7,000. What kind of phone is that? On top of that, she drives around in […]

The Babushka (mistress) and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: a fable of “infidelity”

Divorce news and gossip Is Alina Kabaeva Vladimir Putin’s mistress? Earlier last year, 56 year old Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister and chairman of the ruling party, United Russia, was rumored in the Moskovsky Correspondent newspaper, to be involved in an extra marital relationship with a sexy, young, 24 year old gymnast named Alina Kabaeva. Kabaeva is a […]

Divorce in New York vs. Connecticut vs. Sweden: A case study of Marie and George David’s divorce

I’ve become almost fixated with the Swedes since I heard about the divorce between Swedish Countess Marie Douglas David and her rich hubby, George David, chairman of United Technologies Corporation. So much so that while working out at the gym this afternoon (I finally decided it was time to get my rotund behind on the stairmaster […]

RUSSIA: Woman kills her husband with a folding bed

Rather than seek a divorce, a Russian woman took matters into her own folding couch and murdered her husband with it. According to Reuters, apparently, the husband was a habitual drunkard and the wife was pretty fed up with his nonsense. So, on Wednesday, after their last fight, she kicked a handle that automatically activates the […]

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