Divorce in India: The “Judge’s Discretion” Can Result in Completely Ridiculous Outcomes

A recent New York Times article about Divorce in India caught my attention for all the wrong reasons. I just thought “how ridiculous!” when I read some of the reasons that a judge in India can exercise his or her discretion in granting or not granting a divorce.  The author wrote: The country’s legal code […]

MOSCOW: Natalia Potanina, billionaire oligarch’s ex wife, fights for her 50% share of his empire

BACKGROUND Natalia Potanina’s name sounds like she is a ballerina with the Bolshoi. Or at least a top ranked tennis player. But she is not. Instead, she is the former wife of one of Russia’s richest oligarchs and close friend of Russian president Vladimir Putin – Vladimir Potanin.  Ms Potanina and her husband Vladimir were […]

MONACO: Divorcing couple Maurice & Tracey Amon fight over art & jurisdiction

The Parties in this divorce action: They are Mr and Mrs Maurice Alain Amon. He is a Swiss born entrepreneur living in Monaco with homes in various countries including a chalet in Gstaad Switzerland and apartments in London and Manhattan. She is Tracey Hejailan. When Was the Divorce filed: The divorce was filed in October 2015 in […]

ZURICH: Saudi Businessman Sheikh Walid Juffali has died but ex wife Christina Estrada will still get her £75M

Ex supermodel and ex wife of Saudi billionaire Sheikh Walid Juffali, American born Christina Estrada will still get her £75M divorce settlement even though her husband had died of cancer in Zurich. But it could take a minute. According to the UK Guadian “High Court Family Division judge Mrs Justice Roberts had ordered Dr Juffali […]