Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood in nasty divorce split: Their Twin Daughters Have Been Removed After Child Porn Allegations.

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of late country crooner Elvis Presley is undergoing divorce difficulties. Lisa Marie, 49, and her fourth husband Michael Lockwood are locked in a bitter divorce battle which now includes allegations of child pornography that it appears she has levelled against her soon to be ex husband. According to a blockbuster exposé […]

UK: Jealousy over Text Messages Leads to Domestic Violence and a Murder Conviction for Jordan Matthews

UK: Jealousy over Text Messages Leads to Domestic Violence and a Murder Conviction for Jordan Matthews

Jealousy over Text Messages Can Turn Deadly! Jealousy over text messages have led to a chef and martial arts enthusiast named Jordan Matthews being convicted of beating his girlfriend to death because he found a dating app on her phone and believed she was soliciting other men. The man and his girlfriend were living together, […]

UK: British Man Ordered by Court to Increase Maintenance to Wife – 15 years After Divorce! – Because She Blew Her Settlement

In the Case of Maria Mills vs Graham Mills, by Bryan Pauly and Vanessa Lunde: Insane! 15 years after their divorce was finalised, a British man was taken back to court by his wife for an increase in maintenance. He had been ordered to pay her about £1100 pounds per month, for life. Plus she […]

RUSSIA: Parliament Goes Rogue Voting 380 – 3 to Decriminalize Domestic Violence

“If he beats you it means he loves you.” This, apparently, is an old Russian proverb and one that the Russian parliament takes as gospel. The new bill which must be signed by President Vladimir Putin will make domestic violence a crime only if there is substantial bodily harm that occurs more than once per […]

Ashish Thakkar’s Divorce Case Exposes “Africa’s Youngest Billionaire” Mantle as Undeserved. He’s Not That Rich.

Did Ashish Thakkar lie about his wealth on purpose or did others impose the mantle of “Africa’s Youngest Billionaire” on him against his will? Or is he lying about his wealth to escape having to pay his glamourous wife Meera a hefty sum in a divorce settlement? Because apparently he has been telling a UK […]

Johannesburg: Has South Africa Become the Divorce Capital of the African Continent?

Whether in Johannesburg or Capetown or any other urban area, divorce rates have been spiking in South Africa for the past 5 years or so. Indeed, it is said that divorce has become a hot trend in the country. Different reasons are offered for this trend including money woes, infidelity and women’s economic power. Indeed, at […]

UK Courts End Practice of Allowing Abusive Fathers Access to their Children

A recent ruling in the UK courts could positively impact the lives of women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Courts have ruled that there will no longer be a presumption of contact between abusive fathers and their children after a number of British children were killed by their fathers – presumably in […]

CAIRO: Divorces to Become More Difficult to Obtain if President Abdel-Fatteh el-Sissi Has His Way

Did you know that in Egypt and many Muslim countries, it is a man’s prerogative to divorce his wife simply by saying “I divorce you” to her three times? Apparently, this practice has led to an explosion of divorces in Egypt – about 900,000 per year – and the president wants to do something about […]

A Dubai Divorce Court Grants French Couple a Divorce But Wife Yassmina Trapped in UAE

A french couple obtained a divorce in Dubai then the husband fled the country with the children’s passport, leaving the wife penniless and with no way to support herself in the country or leave with her children.  Even though he has left the country and she is trapped there, the wife is still subject to […]

Austrian woman Estibaliz Carranza, who killed her ex husband, will be sent to men’s prison because she is so dangerous according to authorities

Reports are saying that Austrian ice cream shop owner Estibaliz Carranza, 38, will be transferred from her female prison to a men’s prison because she is too dangerous to be locked up with other women. She is accused of killing two men: her lover and prior to that, her ex husband who she called “violent […]

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