Is your ex engaging in post-divorce cyber-bullying or other social networking crimes against you? Some divorce advice for you

IS YOUR EX ENGAGING IN POST-DIVORCE CYBERBULLYING? What can you do? Read on. Do you need help dealing with a cyberbulling ex? I was browsing a website for teens and one post jumped out at me: the one about cyberbullying. The admin of the blog, who is a judge referenced a case of a […]

SWEDEN: Divorce Julian Assange, WikiLeaks hacker, is wanted for sex crimes

STOCKHOLM: Is WikiLeaks hacker and divorcé Julian Assange getting hounded and witch-hunted by the CIA in retaliation for leaking all those classified documents about the war in Afghanistan in his “Afghan War Diary” post on his website? That is what some folks are saying. Others demur that he’s just a divorcé sex offender who’s going to […]

ROME: Should Catholics divorce Pope Benedict XVI for his role in the church’s sex crimes coverup?

An increasingly non-practicing Catholic myself, I’ve become even more skeptical in light of the recent explosion of sexual misconduct allegations against Catholic priests the world over. What I was wholly unprepared for, though, was the seemingly close connection that current Pope Benedict XVI has to the whole sordid mess. It seems when he was arch bishop of […]

PARIS: French legislature moves to make psychological abuse in marriage a crime

According to Time Magazine, the French lawmakers have done something totally incomprehensible and noble at the same time. They are about to legislate that psychological assault/violence in marriage is a crime according to French Law and perpetrators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Aside from passing laws in 1996 and 2006 […]

FLORIDA: Tiger Woods’ divorce crimes: on Jaime Grubbs and Rachel Uchitel: I DID NOT. HAVE. SEX RELATIONS, WITH. THAT. WOMAN!

Tiger Woods commits a “divorce crime” ahahahhahahahahahaha 🙂 Tiger is going to come out with a Bill Clinton press conference by the end of this week, I just know it. He is going to stare dead in the camera and point his finger and say, “I did not. have. sex relations. with. that. woman, Ms. Grubbs. […]

LOS ANGELES: Rachel Uchitel, Tiger’s alleged mistress meets with Gloria Allred – is this a divorce crime? Or what?

Rachel Uchitel’s divorce crime Rachel Uchitel pics are all the rage on Google. What does it mean that Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress has arrived in Los Angeles and is meeting with feminist bull dog with a bone attorney Gloria Allred? It’s all over the blogosphere. Is it true? OMG. I’m scared. Why would she see […]

Divorce police should arrest Jon Gosselin for his divorce crimes

Divorce Police should arrest Jon Gosselin for divorce crimes Just occurred to me that Jon Gosselin should be arrested for his divorce crimes, including the international womanizing, bad-mouthing Kate on National TV, putting the children in a negative light and this final “delaying the divorce” thingy. What is that about? Why is he delaying the […]

NEW YORK: Is Mark Madoff getting divorced? Or is he just losing his swagger?

Mark Madoff pre and post Ponzi…has he lost his swagger*?….did I mention I love the word Swagger? I think if I ever had a son, I might even call him that. Swagger. Swagger Jones. Do you think that could work? Okay. Moving right along. Poor Mark Madoff isn’t looking too debonair these days. I was […]

The divorce police: “Countess Marie Douglas-David of Bavaria, you are under arrest for your March 23, 2009 Page Six interview!”

Countess Marie, you are under arrest! What were you thinking when you did that sit down with New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser and spilled all about the intimacies of your marriage to George David? Have you lost your mind? That should be illegal for a woman of your stature to stoop to this, Countess Marie. I […]