What is a Divorce Mortgage?

There is a new mortgage product that is expected to be unveiled by certain European banks in a few months. It is called the Divorce Mortgage. The idea seems to be that banks will lend money to one of the parties in a divorce to buy out their spouse. This way the party gets to […]

Your Divorce Financial Checklist: What Should Be on it?

So, according the Lloyd’s Bank, when it comes to your finances and divorce you would be wise to take these steps the moment you realize (and sometimes even before) that a divorce is on the horizon:   Plan for your children’s post divorce life. What will their needs be? Which of you is better able […]

Do you need a “divorce loan”? Call Novitas US

Novitas US is a UK Company with branches in the US and Canada. They help finance divorce and lifestyle issues of the affluent set. At high interest rates but a service well worth it to many happy clients. About the company as per their website: Novitas US Inc. is a specialist finance provider for individuals in […]

Get the Most Money in Your Divorce Settlement

Getting the most money in your divorce settlement does not require you to be a mercenary but it does require some degree of strategizing and intelligence. By the latter I do not refer to IQ but rather I use the word sort of the way someone who works for the FBI might. There are 3 […]