The 10 Weirdest divorce stories on Divorce Saloon to date

Ten weird divorce cases 10. An Australian story that unfolded October, 2009. Husband receives pet goat as part of divorce settlement. And he lives in urban Sydney Australia! You can find it here: 9. Saudi wife divorces husband for nicknaming her “Guantanamo” on his cell phone. You can find it here: 8. Muslim […]

10 reasons why more than 50% of marriages end in divorce

Marrying someone whose culture, religious beliefs and ethnic customs are so different from yours, they may even clash with yours, is one of the main reasons I think most marriages smash up. I have been very critical of say, Western women who marry and have children with men  in certain Middle Eastern countries whose culture and […]

5 myths about divorce

Divorce Information you might find interesting: People seem to have all sorts of different ideas about marriage and divorce. But some of these ideas are really misconceptions and have no bearing on reality. Here are five myths about divorce that we have uncovered: Myth # 1: Living together before marriage increases the odds that the […]

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