Divorce Crimes: Was Betty Broderick Justified in Murdering her Ex Husband Dan and His Former Secretary Turned Wife Linda?

Is Betty Broderick Getting a bum rap? Should she be paroled after killing her ex husband and his secretary turned wife? Is Betty Broderick deserving of Parole for Killing a Guy Who divorced her? Filed in Divorce Crimes The real question is: Is murdering your ex ever justifiable? And even if you answer “yes” to that […]

Returning to Work After Divorce: For Moms Who Left Their Jobs To Care For Their Family

Returning to Work After Divorce:  For Moms Who Left Their Jobs To Care For Their Family

RETURNING TO WORK AFTER DIVORCE Excerpted from: The Golden Book of Secrets For Moms Re-entering the Workforce After Divorce A Divorce Saloon International GOLD STAR  Report – by Marion TD Lewis, Editor in Chief of Divorce Saloon © Premium Content – $1.00   Returning to work after divorce: When Stay at Home Moms Decide to Return to the Workforce […]

Study Finds That British Women Are Financially Vulnerable After Divorce

Filed in Divorce advice for women British Women Get the Shaft in Divorce The number one divorce advice for women is that it happens all over the world, including and especially right here in America. A long term marriage ends and women are left scrambling, drowning in a deep financial maelstrom. But in England, there seems […]

Rich Women Divorce Settlements: # 1 Rule to Protect Your Money

Filed in Divorce advice for women After reading the story of the ex-wife of billionaire Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich who is reportedly suing her former personal assistant – claiming her assistant cost her at least £19 MILLION in financial losses, I have one thing to say to rich women who get big divorce settlements from their billionaire husbands: HIRE […]

UK: Is Miriam González Durántez a Bad Influence on British Wives, and Women in General?

Don’t You Dare Call Miriam González Durántez  “Mrs Clegg” She is a lawyer and wife to former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and she recently lampooned an organization on social media for referring to her by her husband’s name. So instead of calling her “Miriam González Durántez” they called her “Mrs Clegg.” She took umbrage […]

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