Baseball player Milton Bradley’s wife files for divorce and claims he hit her with coffee table glass

Monique Bradley soon to be ex of baseball star Milton Bradley claims her husband threw a piece of something glassy at her around New Years Eve, cutting her on the head. Subsequently,  she obtained a restraining order against him, even though he told her if she left he would “kill himself.” Now, she straight up […]

LOS ANGELES: Jamie McCourt back in court to demand Frank McCourt should hand over info re team finances and business dealings

Just caught this on Bloomberg about Jamie McCourt. Apparently she and her lawyers read that Frank had been involved in some sort of secret negotiations re the Dodgers and so she’s back in court to demand that he hand over documentation about the team’s finances and business dealings. Read more on Bloomberg:

WEST VIRGINIA: Supreme Court orders powerball lottery winner Jack Whittaker to comply with 2008 divorce settlement agreement

Jack and Jewell Whitaker divorced in 2008 and since then, they’ve been mired in financial disputes surrounding their divorce settlement. Jack Whitaker apparently won a sizable Powerball Lottery in 2002 and he took home, after taxes, over $100 million dollars. He also had an LLC in which he was the sole member/shareholder and it is […]

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Want to read about the biggest, juiciest divorces in Washington D.C.? Check this out

I just found this post on the about the biggest breakups in Washington D.C., like, ever. Mike Tyson makes the list because one of his wives was a resident at Georgetown University Medical School….and they settled for $6.5 million….wonder how come nobody called her a gold digger the way the did with Robin? I […]

CHINA: As counterfeit divorces increase, judge admonishes would-be couples of the risk of the fake divorce

China’s counterfeit divorces rise amid frenzied real estate market; judge warns couples they could be taking a big risk by getting fake marriages and divorces  China is not infamous only for its counterfeit manufacturing and technological and healthcare market (did you know that they even have counterfeit insulin medication, counterfeit airplane parts, counterfeit Microsoft products and […]

IRAN: Iranian director Asghar Farhadi debuts film at Berlin Film Festival depicting the problems of rising divorce rates in Iran

BERLIN (AP) — An Iranian director is competing at the Berlin film festival with a portrayal of a disintegrating marriage that highlights a clash between traditional and modern ways of living and thinking. Asghar Farhadi’s “Nader and Simin, A Separation” screened on Tuesday. Farhadi was honored as best director in Berlin two years ago for […]