A divorce tornado

A tornado warning has been issued for my county and the sirens are literally blaring as I type. On the TV, they advise to get t the basement or to an interior closet, away from windows (am sitting next to one right now) since this severe storm system has a pretty “broad hook.” What are […]

“Afterwebrokeup” is a trending topic on Twitter today…what about afterwedivorced?

There was an article on Slate yesterday about how Blacks use Twitter in a different way from other races. Something about “hashtags” and “retweeting” and “followers vs. following” numbers. “Well,” I thought, “whatever. Another racecentric generalization that makes no sense.” So this morning I noticed that there’s a hashtag on Twitter called “afterwebrokeup.” And all of a sudden, […]

MASSACHUSETTS: Adam B. Wheeler, the scammer who forged his way into Harvard cannot blame his parents’ divorce for his lies

Have you ever noticed how people like to blame their parents for everything?  As soon as I heard about Adam B. Wheeler who was arrested yesterday for scamming his way into Harvard, forging his professor’s signature, plagiarizing a professor, trying to scam his way into Yale, and attempting to obtain Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships with “falsified documents” I […]