8 Great Quotes About Alimony

I have been researching about Alimony since it is technically the subject matter of the next book in my pipeline of 100 books I challenged myself to write. Am I nuts? Am I out of my mind? If you are wondering about this, I don’t blame you. I am wondering too. Cause it is a […]

5 Ways to Turn Your divorce into a positive

Divorce can bring out the worst in anybody. If you let it. But it can also challenge you to being your best self. Here are 5 ways that you can turn your divorce into a positive thing: Now that you are divorced and have so much “me” time, write that e-book you have been meaning […]

10 Women Divorce SuperLawyers For Women Litigants in New York & California

So, with Hillary Clinton highlighting “women’s rights” in her 2016 presidential campaign, I thought it would be interesting to highlight a few “rising stars” (according to Superlawyers.com) in the divorce bars in New York and California. The 10 women appear in no particular order:   As seen on Superlawyers.com: Lucy Zheng (Location: California. Law School/University: […]

100 divorce rules to live by

49. Don’t expect your friends to re-arrange their entire life to be there for you when your marriage ends. Remember that they have their own lives, marriages and schedules so don’t take it personally if they aren’t always able to be there to hold your hand.

9 health benefits of divorce

There are some health benefits to divorce. Here are nine: 1) Lower blood pressure (with less fighting on a daily basis with someone living with you 24/7, your blood pressure is bound to recalibrate post divorce) 2) Reduced stress (what is more stressful than an unhappy marriage?) 3. “Safer” sex (in some instances divorce results in “safer” sex […]

The big, fat, fake divorce: 5 reasons why people get them

FIVE REASONS THAT PEOPLE GET A FAKE DIVORCE 1. Pensions like the one Continental airlines pilots divorced their spouses to to get. Read here. 2. To boost their career (true for media people and celebs who want to get higher ratings for their shows…do you think Larry King’s divorce was a ratings hoax?) 3. To […]

The 10 most compelling justifications for divorce are:

The 10 most compelling justifications for divorce are:

1. You’re married to a Drew Peterson type and you got clued in before you ended up in a body bag. 2. Your spouse is paranoid and accuses you’re having affairs when it  never entered your mind. 3. You found out your spouse’s prior spouse(s) died suspiciously. 4. Your spouse is a raging alcoholic or drug […]

10 Reasons Why Divorce Should be Outlawed

10 Reasons Why Divorce Should be Outlawed

These are 10 Reasons I think Divorce Should be Outlawed: 1. It is the ultimate hypocrisy when you consider the vows people take at their weddings… 2. It is bad for the environment because it creates more homes that need more energy to run. 3. It taxes the judicial system which needs to channel its […]