How to manage a Divorce Journal

How to manage a Divorce Journal

Should you keep a divorce journal? Would a divorce journal work for you? Do you think it might help you heal and cope with the trauma, pain and uncertainty? This is a question Worth pondering if you are going through a divorce right now. What the experts are saying, at least some of them we […]

Camille Grammer divorce diary: My divorce settlement wish list

The Fictitious divorce diary of Camille Grammer Dear Diary, It’s me. Camille. Camille Grammer. I’m moving on now. I don’t care anymore. I’m not in love with Kelsey anymore. He’s a toad, a real bastard and he humiliated me and turned America against me. Now all I want is my divorce settlement to be finalized […]

HIGH SOCIETY: Will Devorah Rose divorce Tinsley Mortimer’s reality show? Season 2 won’t be the same without her!

Dear Diary, Word from Guest of a Guest and Scallywag&vagabond is that Devorah Rose, Tinsley’s nemesis on High Society, wants a divorce. No. It’s more like she wants a pay raise. Oh, wait. Still wrong. It’s just that she doesn’t want to be around Tinsley and her other coterie of wannabes cronies (including Tinsley’s mother […]

Diary of Elin Nordegren Woods: The last 72 hours

Dear Diary: You wouldn’t want to be me right now. But then again, maybe you would. I am living the best and the worse life you can possibly imagine. It’s been a heck of a 72 hours let’s leave it like that. All hell broke loose as you probably know by now and I just […]

Diary of Marni Phillips, ESPN’s Steve Phillips’ wife

hmph, hmph, hmph, hmph (sobs) Tissues. Blowing of her nose….. Dear Diary, I can’t stop crying. But it’s not self-pity. I don’t feel I need to pity myself. I know who I am. I am still young. I am beautiful. I have four beautiful children. A great mansion on a hill. Great friends and family. […]