Dear Family Law Attorney: Do you “Share” Fees with

Apparently is potentially “sharing” legal fees with attorneys, including Family law attorneys who advertise on its website according to a recent advisory opinion. And this violate attorney ethics rules. Lawyers apparently pay a “marketing fee” to in exchange for, I guess, clients and exposure.  According to the American Bar Association: which reported on […]

New Book on Kindle: The Divorce Lawyer’s Toolkit $2.99

New Book on Kindle: The Divorce Lawyer’s Toolkit $2.99

There is a new book for Divorce lawyers and practitioners in town. The Divorce Lawyer’s Toolkit: Your Secret Weapon For Getting Ahead of the Competition is now available on Kindle for $2.99 Get your copy TODAY. Here is a short summary by the author: The Divorce Lawyer’s Toolkit is geared towards Divorce and Matrimonial Lawyers in […]

Should Online Divorce Websites be outlawed?

SPONSOR THIS PAGE* A lot of people are turning online to find a solution to their divorce action. For a reasonably low fixed rate fee, they often can end their marriage at a fraction of the cost of going to a barred attorney with a traditional shingle hung up. Is this a good thing or […]

Are Divorce Lawyers Charging their Clients Too Much?

SPONSOR THIS PAGE* There are divorce lawyers who charge upwards of $700 per hour for a divorce. Is this a fair price for the work involved? When you consider that some online companies are charging a fixed rate of less than $500 for the whole procedure from start to finish, how does a lawyer defend an […]

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