On crafting a post-divorce parenting plan for teens

On crafting a post-divorce parenting plan for teens

Teens and Divorce are usually a tough combination to circumnavigate. One of the main issues is custody & visitation. The challenge is how to craft a meaningful parenting plan that will be effective and that both teens and parents will love. Here are some of the things to consider in crafting a parenting plan that […]

Concerned about how your teenagers will handle your divorce? What to look for, how you can help

Concerned about how your teenagers will handle your divorce?  What to look for, how you can help

Some time back, a MTV casting producer contacted us about posting an announcement on Divorce Saloon. The network was casting a new docu-series about teenagers and divorce and were looking for participants. We were happy to post the announcement and tweeted about it too. But it occurred to me that we haven’t targeted a whole lot of […]

So your teen wants to divorce YOU

Teens, generally speaking, can be mercurial creatures, can’t they? And they can also very dramatic. The idea of “divorcing” their parents is not one that the average teen today would find unthinkable. It is not just the movies that we see this happening. The law even allows teens to “emancipate” themselves and to be declared legal adults.  Many […]

When divorce drives teens into rehab

There is an increasing number of teenagers in rehab these days. Many of these teens are the product of divorce parents. Is there a correlation? Are parents responsible for their teens’ drug and alcohol problems? Or is it the culture and times in which we are living? Or could it be a little bit of both? Hollywood […]

Teens & divorce: Can divorce force teens into the workforce prematurely?

Teens sometimes are forced into the workforce prematurely. This is due to the unavoidable life event called divorce. Divorce can completely rework the financial DNA of a family. The weak economy has only exacerbated this trend. Divorce rearranges the economic dynamic of a family. Most people agree that women and children are often the financial victims of […]

Divorce & teen suicide rates

Ex Idol Fantasia Barrino (yes, we know she’s not a teen) was apparently admitted to a hospital on suspicion of a drug overdose. No word whether it was accidental or intentional. But this news comes on the heel of scandalous allegations by a North Carolina woman about Barrino and said woman’s husband. The woman is […]

Do White and Black kids respond differently to parental divorce? If so, which group is more adversely affected?

There are some studies that suggest that White and Black teens react differently to their parents divorce. Surprisingly, there is some indication that White teens take the divorce harder and have a tougher time adjusting. Not too sure why that might be. But if I had to guess, I think Black teens may have more […]