Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Custody Dispute: What Impact Does Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Have on Custody?

Under California law, it appears that domestic violence and child abuse could have a negative impact on a parent’s joint custody request. There is a presumption that if the parent perpetrated an act or violence or child abuse that he or she should not get either joint or sole custody of the children. California Family Code […]

Brad and Angelina Divorce updates: Could the judge order “split” custody?

SPLIT CUSTODY FOR BRAD AND ANGELINA JOLIE’S KIDS? Angelina Jolie has asked the California family court to grant her sole physical custody of her six children with Brad Pitt and joint legal custody. That means that she and Brad will make all legal decisions affecting the children including their schooling, religion, health etc. But the […]

Can Brad Pitt Win Joint Custody of His Kids?

WHO WILL GET CUSTODY OF BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE’S SIX KIDS? Angelina Jolie has asked the California courts for exclusive physical custody of her six children with actor Brad Pitt. Is she likely to get that? Well, it depends on what she has on video to show Brad as being a bad father. If […]

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Divorce: Is he an abusive Father? Or is he being scape-goated?

Is Brad Pitt the New Face of the Father’s Rights Movement?   Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt’s marriage appears to have blown up. Can they put the pieces back together? Or is it really over? And will Angelina successfully get the California courts to divest Brad Pitt of custody of his six children (three […]

Women to Jobless Husbands: Hit the road, Jack! You have to have a J.O.B if you want to be with me

According to a recent study by the American Sociological Review, modern women want husbands who win bread. “The husband’s breadwinner norm persists” says the study. Lack of fulltime employment is directly correlated with higher divorce risk. And this is gender specific because women not having fulltime work is not correlated to higher divorce risk. So […]

Is Circumcision an issue in your custody fight?

Is Circumcision an issue in your custody fight?

Male circumcision is sometimes in issue among parents – especially those couples of divergent religious faiths and persuasions and this leads to serious conflict in a marriage. Indeed, in some cases it leads to divorce. A recent case in England highlights the issue where a British woman and her Turkish husband parted ways because he […]

Keep Your Kids Healthy During and After Divorce

Keep Your Kids Healthy During and After Divorce

A guest contributor named Katybeth Dee sent us these links for parents wishing to protect and conserve the health of their children. It cannot be overstated how important it is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your children during and post divorce. It is easy for parents caught up in custody battles to forget […]

“Parental responsibility” vs “custody”: Should we change the national narrative?

Do semantics matter? Does it matter if we say “custody’ vs “parental decision making authority”? What does “custody” even mean? I think it refers to decisional authority over someone. So is it better to use the term “parental decision making authority,”  or is “custody’ simpler? I say K.I.S.S.:  Keep it short and simple. What do […]

Kelly Rutherford begs Barack Obama and White House to help her win custody back from ex Daniel Giersch

Poor Kelly Rutherford.  According to recent news reports, the American born actress has resorted to filing a petition with to try to get federal intervention in her custody case against ex husband Daniel Giersch. You may or may not recall that Kelly lost custody of her little ones a few years back when a […]

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