No divorce for Silda and Elliot Spitzer. What can we learn?

Well, as everyone knows, Governor Spitzer is no longer governor of New York because of some shenanigans he was embroiled in in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, with a 22 year old looker going by the name of Ashley. Since then, I am certain all high powered divorce lawyers in New York were sitting by […]

David Duchovny and wife are legally separated

The Duchovny’s are legally separated and have been for a while, apparently. It may have something to do with the fact that David Duchovny, of TV’s X Files, was recently released from a California rehab clinic for “s– addiction” and is now back in the Malibu home he used to share with his wife and […]

Settlement Agreements a la Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have apparently reached a settlement agreement. It is rumored that she has agreed to pay him $60,000,000.00, and also to give him title to certain pieces of real property, namely a castle in the English Countryside, and a pub they co-owned in the heart of London. There has been no word […]

No Prenup for Guy and Madonna

When I heard the report that Madonna and Guy did not have a pre-nup, I was shocked. I thought a woman like Madonna would know better than to get married without precautions. I guess she was a hopeless romantic and expected the marriage to last forever. That is cute. But didn’t she have legal advisors? […]

Was it cruelty? The Madonna Drama continues

On second thought, Maybe the grounds for Madonna’s divorce could be cruelty in the form of “verbal abuse.” In New York, a person can get a divorce on that basis if they can provide the court with at least a few incidences, dates, times, place etc., where their spouse abused them verbally, and where what […]

Madonna and Guy: Was it adultery?

There is so much speculation in the media about the reason that Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s marriage cracked up. But all it is is speculation. Nobody ever really knows what happens between two people. The rumors this summer that Madonna had had a late night rendez-vous with A-Rod who subsequently and swiftly got divorced from […]

What Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce could mean

In England, just like here in New York, divorces opens up many issues in families, revealing intimacies of how they lived, who did what, what their vices are, and even, who was a good parent or a bad parent. I don’t think the Madonna/Guy Ritchie may reveal that either is a bad parent. But I […]

Can you be your own divorce attorney like Dylan McDermott?

Why not? You can be whatever you set your mind to. This may be a strange answer from a New York Divorce attorney, but I really feel that if someone feels strongly about handling their own case, they should do that, because more than likely they won’t be happy with the services of someone else, […]

Alec Baldwin’s book about divorce is recommended reading

Divorce in New York: I recommend A Promise to Ourselves by Alec Baldwin a non fiction work that expreses the actor’s views and advice on divorce and custody battles, based on his own experience. I feel that this book is relevant for both moms and dads with under-age children, who have experienced the loss of […]

Rolling stones adultery could cost him half his fortune

Rolling Stones veteran Ron Wood, 61, allegedly has a new mistress, Ekaterina Ivanova, a Russian club goer, 20 and his wife Jo Wood, went forthwith to her divorce attorney. They do not live in New York, alas, but in the UK. However, it seems that the UK may be a “community property” state as opposed […]

Did Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez have a prenup?

More than likely, the Rodriguezes had a pre-nuptial agreement and it was a valid one. However the fact that there was no vitriolic court trial suggests that perhaps Alex Rodriguez ponied up a bit more than what was promised in the pre nup and Cynthia’s lawyers probably advised her to take the money and run. […]

A New York Divorce Attorney weighs in on the McCartney Mess

Paul McCartney, former Beatle extraordinaire, and his wife Heather Mills McCartney are in the throes of a particularly messy and public divorce. What would Ms. Mills-McCartney be entitled to if the divorce were taking place under New York Divorce laws? Well, to start with, New York is an equitable distribution state. That means the courts look […]

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