Brangelina Divorce: A blogger and a lawyer discuss the case

A conversation about BRAD AND ANGELINA JOLIE PITT’S DIVORCE So below is an excerpt from a conversation I had with our editor in chief Marion TD Lewis. Marion is off again, traveling the world and left me to man the fort. We spoke by skype about the seismic shift known as the divorce of Brad Pitt […]

Is Angelina Jolie Trying to Destroy Brad Pitt’s Career?

I am unapologetically Team Aniston. But it does not mean that I can’t be merciful to Angelina during this difficult time. She is a woman, a Hollywood megastar, who was trying to save herself from the global humiliation of being dumped by a man she won in very dramatic fashion from a much beloved TV actress.  […]

Is the Brangelina Divorce Karma For Jennifer Aniston?

Back in 2005 when Brad and Jen divorced, she is quoted as saying that Brad had a “sensitivity chip that is missing.” Especially after Brad and Angelina came out in that multi-paged spread in W Magazine. That was seen by many as being highly unfeeling, insensitive and disrespectful to Jennifer. She reportedly had asked Brad […]

Brad and Angelina Divorce updates: Could the judge order “split” custody?

SPLIT CUSTODY FOR BRAD AND ANGELINA JOLIE’S KIDS? Angelina Jolie has asked the California family court to grant her sole physical custody of her six children with Brad Pitt and joint legal custody. That means that she and Brad will make all legal decisions affecting the children including their schooling, religion, health etc. But the […]

Can Brad Pitt Win Joint Custody of His Kids?

WHO WILL GET CUSTODY OF BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE’S SIX KIDS? Angelina Jolie has asked the California courts for exclusive physical custody of her six children with actor Brad Pitt. Is she likely to get that? Well, it depends on what she has on video to show Brad as being a bad father. If […]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt Had a Prenup

Did Brad and Angelina have a prenuptial agreement? Rumor is that Brad and Angelina Jolie had a prenup even before they got married. In fact, this agreement was  reportedly inked at least seven years before the couple got married. The couple executed a prenuptial agreement to seal their partnership and at the time, people thought they were breaking up. If I […]

Why Did Angelina Rent a Home In Malibu BEFORE She & Brad Had a Fight?

The news reports are that Angelina had secretly rented a home in Malibu weeks before the fateful fight in flight from France that infamously finished her Family with Brad. There have been all sorts of interesting bits of details that have emerged and one is that she in fact had rented a very expensive ocean-view mansion in Malibu […]

Could Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Call off the Divorce?

BRAD AND ANGELINA RECONCILE? Could Angelina and Brad decide to kiss and make up after all that has happened in the last week? The mid air fight, the booze-fuelled raging, the FBI, Marion Cotillard, the Divorce Filing, and the exposure/airing of their dirty laundry? “Anything is possible,” says Marion TD Lewis, our editor in chief who also happens […]

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