NEW YORK: Cornell University study shows that divorce rates are higher for women who make more than their husbands (higher infidelity rates)

Latest divorce news: Study reveals the obvious: both men and women like it better when the man is the main breadwinner in the family Divorce rates seem to be determined, at least partially, by who wears the pants in the family. If it is the wife, there will be trouble according to a study done […]

MALAYSIA: Female judges appointed to Shariah courts; this is good for women getting divorced

MALAYSIA Associated Press: Suraya Ramli and Rafidah Abdul Razak, formerly officials at the government’s Islamic judicial department, were named Shariah court judges for Kuala Lumpur and the administrative capital of Putrajaya in May, but the appointment was only announced in the past week by Prime Minister Najib Razak. Najib said the step was meant to […]

COSTA RICA: Divorce laws are complex and favor women

COSTA RICA I came across a website the other day that had some good information for expats who want a divorce in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has become this huge playground for a lot of American and European expats looking for good weather, brown beauties and a laid back lifestyle. There’s nothing not to like. […]

10 Valentine’s Day coulda/woulda/shouldas of divorced women

It is always refreshing when a woman who’s never married is prone to give out marriage advice, isn’t it? Well, I do think I am uniquely suited to dispense marriage and relationship advice because I listen to women talk about what went wrong in their relationships and marriages and while I don’t know from actual […]