Divorce In The Digital Age: Top 10 Tech Pitfalls by Sherri Donovan Posting photos on social media, like Facebook and Instagram, that will compromise your standing as a responsible parent. Photos that show you partying are a problem. Postings on social media are being used against parents in custody disputes and are permitted as evidence. […]

17 Common Mistakes to Avoid In Divorce Proceedings

By Sherri Donovan Reprinted with author’s permission Divorce is a complex process, propelling those involved into a situation where they must face legal, financial and psychological challenges simultaneously, all while managing everyday work and parenting demands. These common mistakes, based on my years of experience as a matrimonial lawyer, can be the most damaging to […]

Listen to Our Children in Need: Special Needs Children and Divorce

By Sherri Donovan Reprinted with author’s permission While every divorce is extremely difficult, with or without children, divorce for parents with a special needs child can be even more so. Advances in treatment of newborns with low birth weight and other serious medical conditions have dramatically increased the number of families that include a special […]

The Pros and Cons of No-Fault Divorce

By Sherri Donovan Reprinted with author’s permission No-fault divorce means that a couple need not prove any instances of wrongdoing or abuse in order to file for divorce in a court of law. Without the no-fault option, allegations of a statutorily defined reason, such as cruelty, abuse, adultery or abandonment, must be made and proven. […]

Parenting in the 21st Century: Terminology & Multiple Parenting

By Sherri Donovan Reprinted with author’s permission The traditional key terms regarding the care of children in family law — “custody” and “visitation” — seem increasingly outdated and in fact detrimental to positive outcomes. These terms imply competition, winning and losing, ownership and possession, and a diminished, stigmatized parental status, tending to exacerbate the threats […]

Financial Documents and Divorce

Reprinted with author’s permission Marriage is an economic partnership. You have a right to all records affecting the finances of you or your spouse. It does not matter in whose name the papers and accounts are kept. It will be cheaper, easier and faster if you collect as much documentation as you can instead of […]

8 Reasons Why 50-50 May Not Be Fair

By Sherri Donovan Reprinted with author’s permission Marriage is often thought of as an economic partnership where spouses are considered equal owners of all property acquired during a marriage. Accordingly, it may seem logical to simply divide all marital property 50-50 upon a couple’s divorce. Yet you may still be entitled to a greater share […]