Gay Divorce? Now that the Justice Department appeals repeal of DOMA let’s figure out what to do about gay marriage

The Justice Department appeals repeal of DOMA The Justice Department has filed an appeal in the First Circuit, appealing 2 Massachusetts rulings that basically finds DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional, on several fronts. The district court had found DOMA unconstitutional on several grounds: For one thing, it violates the Equal Protection Clause. But it […]

Japan and India should be sanctioned for allowing post-divorce parental abductions of American children

Japan and India should be sanctioned for allowing parents to abduct American born children On Divorce Saloon, there are a number of posts on the Hague Convention and “left behind” parents and the rights of children who are abducted, post divorce, and taken to the birth countries of one of their divorcing parents. Today, the Associated Press […]

Are hedge funds the new way to finance your divorce?

How to finance your divorce Riveting article in today’s that leaves me wondering whether American couples going through divorce may soon fund their divorce expenses through hedge funds. You can find the article here: It is slightly dense if one is not a financial brain, but what seems to be the basic point is […]

Military Divorce: When you or your spouse is deployed how do you get a divorce?

MILITARY DIVORCE INFORMATION – Part One I’ve been meaning to write a post for contribution to Divorce Saloon for a while about military divorce and what a former spouse needs to know and also what the military person needs to know, as well, about divorce and the military. And it’s not all pomp and circumstance. First of all, the […]

LOS ANGELES: L.A. The judge should throw out the McCourt post-nuptial agreement because it is unconscionable

UPDATE: JAMIE WINS! BREAKING DIVORCE NEWS: September 1, 2010. Jamie and Frank McCourt are back in Los Angeles Superior Court litigating their divorce, and specifically, sparring over a prenup post-nuptial agreement. Judge Scott M. Gordon  should throw out the McCourt’s post-nup as it relates to who owns the Dodgers simply because the post-nup is unconscionable and inequitable at the time it is being […]