Do American divorce lawyers have a legal duty to report tax cheats and tax dodgers?

a UK law, dating back to 2003 makes it a legal duty for divorce solicitors in the UK to report “suspicions” of tax dodging and tax cheating to the National Criminal Intelligence Service pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Act. This anti money laundering legislation “applied to the transfer of assets from a person to their ex spouse on divorce.” Do American divorce lawyers have a similar duty?

Pensions, divorce: What rights do you have?

Pensions, divorce: What rights do you have?

As a general rule, pensions are marital property. You have a right to the share of your spouse’s pension even if you have been divorced décades before your spouse retires. Like real estate, stocks, and cash, pensions will be divided up between the two people after a divorce.

Who gets the marital residence after divorce?

Who gets the marital residence after divorce?

WHO GETS THE MARITAL RESIDENCE AFTER DIVORCE? THE ANSWER IS: IT DEPENDS #WHO GETS THE MARITAL RESIDECE For many couples, one of the biggest and most difficult issues is who gets the marital residence after divorce.  For couples of modest and ordinary means (as compared to affluent couples) the marital residence is usually the main […]

LOS ANGELES: Can Jamie McCourt win motion to “set aside” divorce settlement from ex husband Frank McCourt?

But even assuming there was a mutual mistake or even fraud, can Mrs McCourt set aside the settlement? It depends more than likely on the language used in the settlement. Did the lawyers leave wiggle room to reopen in the event of changed circumstances? Did she waive all future rights? Was there actual fraud and misrepresentation? Did Mr McCourt know at the time of the settlement that the team was worth $2 billion dollars? Did Jamie’s lawyers perform their due diligence during the discovery process? There are so many questions, so many factors that could tip the scales in this situation. But stand by till November for an update. This apparently is when the case for a set aside will be heard in California Superior Court.

Hidden costs of divorce: you will never suspect how much you actually pay to get divorced

Children: Divorce takes a toll on children. This is often a hidden cost. Sometimes, the effects of divorce on children is a stealth expense. You can’t really see it; you don’t know exactly when you lost your kids and may not even trace it back to pain from your divorce. But children suffer a great deal from their parents divorce. They suffer emotionally, economically, socially, educationally, mentally.

Do divorce lawyers really need to have a “mobile” website to stay competitive? ran an interesting article the other day about mobile websites. Apparently most Americans now own smartphones and it is from their smartphone that they search the internet, not from their ipad or from a pc. That is passe, actually–searching the Internet from a pc or tablet. Most people (count me out) are very tech […]


NEW YORK DIVORCE & THE GIFT TAX With some exceptions, any transfer of property is subject to the gift tax, including transfers made pursuant to a settlement agreement in a divorce action. That is the general rule. So generally, your settlement agreement would, or is supposed to be, subject to the gift tax as prescribed by […]

The eternal marriage is an increasingly Jurassic notion: Is it time to change the marriage vows “till death do us part”?

The eternal marriage is as passe as the dinosaur: Could it be time to change the marriage vows? I don’t pretend to understand what “divorce rates” actually mean; I frankly think a lot of those statistics are ludicrous and meaningless. But let’s assume that 50% of marriages will end in divorce at some point in […]

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