Sherri Shepherd’s surrogacy & child support dispute: Is she the “equitable mother?”

Divorce & Surrogacy & “Equitable Maternity” – by Marion TD Lewis Divorce & surrogacy collide often these days and it seems that courts around the world are having a tough time figuring out all the legal logistics. It is a sign of our times. Increasingly, infertile, wealthy married couples are turning to assisted reproduction methods, including surrogacy, in order to have […]

International Divorce Lawyer on Asset Disclosure rules under European and American law

International Divorce Lawyer on Asset Disclosure rules under European and American law – by Marion TD Lewis In the United States, in just about every state, parties in a divorce action are legally required to make a full disclosure of their assets when they divorce – under penalty of perjury. The same is true in England. But […]

How long does the divorce process take?

If there are children involved, significant assets and property or other issues, even if the parties agree on everything, it may take longer not only to complete the paperwork (the attorneys) but for the judge to review the papers to make sure they comply with the applicable divorce laws and to make sure that the best interest of the children of the divorce are provided for, and thus sign off on the final judgment.

Divorce lawyers: Are They Inherently Bad Financial Advisers?

Divorce Lawyers May Be Inherently Bad as Financial Advisors Divorce Lawyers are Good at Divorce Law but What about the Money Issues? Do Clients Need a Financial Advisor too? Are divorce lawyers bad financial advisers who need help with financial matters in a divorce? They could be. This question about Divorce Lawyers and Financial competence is […]

The Divorce Orchid

The Divorce Orchid

The Divorce Orchid Is there such a thing as a divorce orchid? Apparently so. I found this blog with a photo of what is being called a “divorce orchid.” Thought it was really fascinating and the flower is lovely. Here is what the blogger said I part about it:               […]

How to have a Zen divorce

How to have a Zen divorce

How to Have a Zen Divorce, by Marion TD Lewis On any given day, in the mountains of the Himalayas, one is bound to find at least one monastery where someone is practicing the art of Zen. Through meditation, they attempt to “awaken” themselves, to “realize the emptiness” in themselves and to use “intuition” as […]