Q&A: Should We Commingle Our Business? Go Ahead. Mix Business and Pleasure. But When It’s Time to Divorce, Don’t look at Me.

Commingle, combingle, comsextabongle. Let’s get it on, baby. This is how a lot of couples feel when they are in love. And they decide to form businesses together and then get married and they have no formal paperwork drawn up about the business and how it will be managed in the event of an unmingling. […]

Q&A: How Often Do Different Parenting Styles Lead To Divorce?

Sometimes, two people (or three, or four) just have different philosophies about how to raise children and sometimes, these styles are not only incompatible, they are combustible. On occasion, this even leads to so much conflict, that divorce is the only logical conclusion. How were you supposed to know beforehand that you would see things […]

Q&A: What is the Average Cost of a Divorce in USA?

Which is more expensive? Divorces or Weddings? That really depends. For most uncontested divorces in New York where there are no children and property, it is possible to find a lawyer who would do the paperwork for under $500 dollars. Is this an average? Yes and no. When the experts talk about “averages” they are […]

Divorce Bullies: Lawyers, Judges, Courts & Exes Can Make You Feel Intimidated During the Divorce Process

No matter where in the world you are getting divorced, you can find yourself facing a divorce bully. Bullies are omnipresent in every walk of life. Bullies are born and bullies are bred. Bullies make your life a living, miserable hell. And when you are going through divorce, it is no different. In fact, you […]

The Difference Between Parallel Parenting and Co-parenting Explained

The Difference Between Parallel Parenting and Co-parenting Explained

  Parallel Parenting vs Co-parenting My understanding is that parallel parenting is a form of co-parenting but co-parenting is more than just parallel parenting. For example, coparenting could mean just joint custody and sharing both legal and physical responsibility for minor children – whether 50/50 or in any other ratio – after a divorce has occurred, […]

8 Myths and Misconceptions About Divorce

8 Myths and Misconceptions about divorce That there was something fundamentally “wrong” with one of you to have caused the divorce. Not necessarily. It could be that you were meant to be just friends and that being married just wasn’t the right set up. The two of you could have been perfectly perfect. Just for […]

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