Moving to the Hamptons, Long Island After Your Divorce?

Moving to the Hamptons, Long Island After Your Divorce?

ARE YOU MOVING TO THE HAMPTONS NOW THAT YOU ARE DIVORCED? For many people, moving to the “Hamptons” is a dream. An unattainable dream, but a dream nevertheless. For others, moving to the Hamptons at the drop of a hat (or after a divorce) is business as usual. They just think it and it manifests. […]

Divorce in the Netherlands: Why Annette Roque Cannot File for Divorce From Matt Lauer in Her Native Holland

DIVORCE IN THE NETHERLANDS: ANNETTE ROQUE COULD FILE FOR DIVORCE FROM MATT LAUER IN HER HOMELAND ONLY AFTER ESTABLISHING RESIDENCY FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR Annette Roque cannot file for divorce from Matt Lauer in the Netherlands in spite of the fact that Annette is a national of the country. Why? Because it does not […]

Q&A Should I keep the house after the divorce?

It may not make sense to keep the house if your income does not support making mortgage payments without child support checks or temporary maintenance payments. So before the final agreement is signed, you want to think long and hard about whether you can really afford the house alone.

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