PLANETARIUM: May 2010 divorce saloon horoscopes

Aries: Your stubborn attitude is very bad for your marriage and for your family’s morale. Get off your high horse and try some flexibility before you ruin everything. Taurus: Emotional affairs are just as damaging as any other form of adultery. Notwithstanding the lies you keep feeding yourself, your behavior is inappropriate and potentially very […]

HIGH SOCIETY: Will Devorah Rose divorce Tinsley Mortimer’s reality show? Season 2 won’t be the same without her!

Dear Diary, Word from Guest of a Guest and Scallywag&vagabond is that Devorah Rose, Tinsley’s nemesis on High Society, wants a divorce. No. It’s more like she wants a pay raise. Oh, wait. Still wrong. It’s just that she doesn’t want to be around Tinsley and her other coterie of wannabes cronies (including Tinsley’s mother […]

JAPAN: Proposed bill will give divorced women and out-of-wedlock kids more equality

JAPAN: According to the Japan Times, a bill was proposed back in February that should revise the current civil code, changing current family law and throwing convention on its face. This should make Japanese divorcées very happy if the bill passes muster. The bill purports to allow Japanese divorcées the right to remarry within 100 days of the final […]


Sagittarius (November 23 to December 22) Your divorce proceedings have been going badly. It looked like you would be the “loser” for a while now and that the judge and everybody has conspired against you. But wait. Something unexpected will happen in January 2010 that completely turns the tides in your favor. In the meantime, […]

NOVEMBER 2009 DIVORCE HOROSCOPES, by divorce saloon

ARIES: You may be getting divorced but your shaggaliciousness is off the charts at the moment for some weird reason. You are setting off all these sexy vibes at a time when most people would be too depressed to be sexy. You are giving off so many sexy vibes, in fact, that your spouse may change […]